Traineeship in the Neederlands  
Hollandiai szakmai gyakorlat

Ten students from Raoul Wallenberg Vocational School had the opportunity to study the social, educational and medical field in the Dutch system. They visited several social, educational and healthcare institutions and learnt about the educational system in Holland. They participated in work activities in the given vocation.

The participating partner institutions:

Our institute, Raoul Wallenberg Humane Vocational and Secondary School has become a Regional Integrated Vocational Center from the 2008/2009 school year. In our educational work we concentrate on values of humanity: respect for human life,  ethical behaviour, tolerance and open-mindedness. Our school employs 56 professional educators, providing vocational studies for about 1500 students. Students, who have passed their school leaving exam, which is an integral part of the Hungarian educational system usually taken at the end of the secondary school studies, can chose from 3 vocational areas: social, educational and health-care. Within the three fields we provide 22 different vocations in full-time-, afternoon- and correspondence courses.

The ROC Friese Poort Regional Training Center employs over 1,150 people and provides professional training and education to some 12,000 students (both young people and adults). The training Center offers vocational training at four qualification levels. The students receive their training at schools in the northern province of Friesland and the province of Flevoland. There is a big variety of available training courses: technology, business, construction, trade, ICT, and most importantly (for us) they offer health care (nursing, home care, healthcare assistant, family doctor's secretary), community work (social worker), and educational assistant courses.

Ten students travelled to Holland, four of them were special education assistants, two pharmaceutical assistants, one child and infant nurse one social assistant, and  two child and infant caregivers.
The national registration number (OKJ -number) of the given vocations are the following:

social assistant: 54 8933 02
special education assistant: 54 1499 01
pharmaceutical assistant: 52 5052 01
child and infant nurse: 54 5012 02
child and infant caregiver: 54 5070 01

Date of departure from Hungary: 25.11.2008.
Date of arrival to Hungary: 04.12.2008.
The beneficiary students spent five weeks in Holland, which meant 25 days of vocational practice.

During the five-week period the following program had been accomplished:

1st week: Learning about the Dutch social, educational and healthcare system. Visiting several institutions of the ROC Friese Poort. Preparation for the vocational practice in general, and specially in the given vocation for each student. Cultural program: sightseeing in Sneek.
2nd-4th week: Vocational practice in the given institution, vocational communication training and manual skills practice and attending lessons in the school, a weekly evaluation of experiences received during the vocational practice. Cultural program: a two-day visit to Amsterdam, hiking to the seashore, spending one weekend with Dutch families.
5th week: continuing and finishing the vocational practice. The Hungarian students gave a PowerPoint prezentation about their five weeks in Holland. The Hungarian group offers a saying goodbye dinner for the teachers and students participating in the program. The organisers and coordinators of the program have a discussion in which they evaluate the five weeks and seek further future ways of cooperation between the two institutions.

As a result of the project, the beneficiary students received one week of theoretical training and four weeks of practical training under the guidance of experts in the given field. This enhanced our students' necessary theoretical, practical and language skills, increasing their mobility and their openness of mind in getting to know and accept the culture of another nation.

Colleagues at the Dutch partner institution, who took part in organising and accomplishing the project:
Hennie Sixma –international relations, projectcoordinator
Egbert Krikken –practice supervisor
Pietie Visser - practice supervisor
Greet De Jong - practice supervisor

Colleagues at Raoul Wallenberg Vocational School, who took part in organising and accomplishing the project:
Macher Mónika – projectcoordinator
Palotai Ilona – students' coordinator
Barcs Krisztina – international relations